This is going to be a short anthology of critical fanfiction. What does that mean? I’m looking for Mad-style parodies, deconstructions, self-defeating mashups, and essay comics on the subject of fandom.

Fanwork is an inherently subversive genre. Fans create their own stories to see their identities reflected or to correct perceived faults in the canon, among other reasons. It is active engagement with a text instead of mere passive reception. Elements of fanfic have begun to filter back into the mainstream.

I’m not interested in pieces that are dismissive of or hostile towards fanwork, with an exception made for obvious self-parody. Also, because this book will mainly be sold at ComicWorld in Korea, it can have no nudity or graphic violence. Sorry.

What I need in the pitch: A brief description of what you plan to do and a link to some previous comics work.

Format: Black and white (or grey), B5 size (182mm x 257mm), at least 300dpi, with a 5mm bleed and live area 10mm inside the trim line. You can download a template here (or this Gimp template with guides and layers).

Length: 1-2 pages (Open to negotiation if you need more and think you can get it done in time)

Rate: 50,000 won/page (about $46USD) plus 5 copies of the book

Korean Translation: Your page will need some room for the Korean translation to be included. The two easy ways to do this are to leave a free space on tbe bottom 20% of the page, or to make your speech balloons 50% bigger than normal.

Rights: You retain the copyright to your work; all I ask is the right to include it in the print and electronic versions of the anthology.

Send pitches to